Runners: they’re everywhere

I never realised quite how many people were closet runners. There are those ‘obvious’ runners, spotted in motion in the countryside or headtorches blinking alongside the road or just people with such healthy glows/long limbs that there can be no other explanation – but there are also enormous swamps of secret fitness buffs.

For example, in the last 48 hours I’ve met two strangers through work from completely different backgrounds and age brackets, and both of them lit up when I mentioned my new habit. One (mid-20s PR from London) just completed her first 10k (#goals) while the other, (50-something charity staffer) is in a local running club and does regular 5ks.

It just makes you wonder whether everyone’s secretly at it. It’s all a bit Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but, you know, in a nice way.


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