Why running is a bit like Harry Potter

In honour of the Hogwarts Running Club – a virtual way to raise real money for charity and earn the most amazing bling you’ve ever seen… [Team Ravenclaw FTW]

  • Running is a bit like the magical world: to non-runners (muggles) you just look and sound a bit crazy.
  • But to other runners, you’re in on the world’s most amazing secret.
  • You wear strange clothes, eat magical potions with healing properties (gels) and are a big believer in muttering spells to yourself as you go (“I can do this!!”)
  • Choosing trainers is a lot like choosing a wand. Once you’ve had gait analysis, it’s really the shoes that pick you, not the other way around.
  • It makes you feel like a badass. Just like Hermione.


      • Medals are a bit like horcruxes, in that you feel the need to collect them all (although woe betide anyone who destroys one)
      • Your scars (and other injuries) are what set you apart. Ok, so they may not be lightning bolts, but they are still a talking point with other runners.
      • Your friendships are what get you through the hard times. And hills.
      • While it’s great to have a teacher or running role model to help inspire you to greatness.

  • There’s a lot of merch involved, and the best stuff incorporates HP and running, a la this shirt:


      • And finally, I could happily talk to you all day about either.